Brian (annodomini) wrote,

Mouse oil

The other night, I was getting a bottle of vinegar out of the cupboard over the stove where we store our oils and vinegars. trilobites noticed that there were a few mouse turds up there. "Oh, great," we thought, "just what we need, mice getting into all of our food." After checking all of the other cabinets, including the ones with many bags of flour, dried fruits, and so on, we saw no sign of any mice in them, and we were busy, so we didn't do anything about it immediately but decided to clean it out and set a Havahart trap as soon as we got a chance. We also stopped at the general store to get some glass containers for storing our flours and sugars, in case mice did manage to find them.

Well, today we had a chance to clean out the cupboard, so I took each bottle out and gave to to trilobites to wash off, while I cleaned up the turds that were in the cupboard. There were quite a lot bottles; we like having a good selection of oils and vinegars on hand. As I was going through them, I noticed a stray cap lying there. "Huh, where'd that come from?" I worked my way further back, and then noticed that the cap was missing from the peanut oil. And the threading and plastic mouth had been chewed off. And in the bottom of the bottle, submerged in peanut oil, was a dead mouse. I guess that explains why I hadn't seen any evidence of him having gotten into the other food.

Anyhow, that's generally not something you expect to see every day. It's a good thing we noticed the turds and started cleaning up; I can only imagine what would have happened if I'd reached for the peanut oil without being prepared for what was inside...
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That story gives me deja vu, and I think a few years ago, maybe when I was at the USDA, I knew someone who had a similar story. Except that the oil bottle had a label on it, and they'd been using the oil in cooking for awhile before noticing the mouse.
...have a macro:


I take it you didn't try to recycle the container holding the mouse oil?
No, I wrapped the whole thing in a plastic bag so it wouldn't leak mouse oil everywhere, and threw it out.
For the best.
HA! I actually had a similar experience except without noticing the mouse turds, and it was both a live and a dead mouse in the oil.
What did you end up doing with the live mouse?
I gave it to someone else to deal with. I'm fine with mice in general, but that one gave me quite a shock, considering I didn't notice it until after I'd poured the oil out of the bottle into a pan.

I'm told the mouse-handler dumped it outside. It was a lot warmer then, though.
Mmm mouse oil. That sounds like something you might find in some regions of China.

A great way to trap roaches is to leave a bottle out with something tasty-smelling at the bottom. Didn't think it would work for mice too >_