Brian (annodomini) wrote,


Heard a bang, sounded like a gunshot.

Looked around, realized the clocks were off.

Went outside. Neighbor had called the power company. He pointed out the stiff squirrel at the bottom of the power pole.

He offered me a set of old indian clubs; he'd seen me juggling on the lawn last summer.

Thirty minutes later, power was back.
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Heh, that same thing happened once at my parents' house. Bang, electricity flickered off, and blackened squirrel under the power pole.

Nice to have an excuse to be friendly with neighbors!
Actually, it's the second time it's happened here, though the last time it was trilobites who was home at the time, and the squirrel actually lived (at least long enough to crawl into the bush).

Fried squirrel and free indian clubs...

good day indeed. ;-)
so you used the clubs to tenderize the squirrel, and had sandwiches?