Brian (annodomini) wrote,

How does this make sense?

Telling Court He's Gay, Mob Informer Crosses LineNew York Times

“He didn’t want to make an announcement to the world,” said one person with knowledge of the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the dangers facing Mr. Mormando. “He wanted the judge to know what risks he took — why he wasn’t just your average cooperator, someone who had simply broken the code.”

Mr. Mormando’s hearing was, in fact, cloaked in secrecy, listed on the daily court calendar under the name “John Doe.” The documents in his case are under seal and even Pacer, the online federal court archive, has been scrubbed clean of anything related to the matter.

“He’s in an absolute state of fright,” said the person with knowledge of the case. “You have to understand that his partner is totally freaking out. His partner has no connection to any of this. You can just imagine how fraught the whole thing is.”
So, this guy is in fear for his life, and told a judge that he's gay in secret, under seal, with the court hearing listed under a pseudonym... and the New York Times thinks its a great idea to out him in print in one of the most prominent newspapers in the world? Including his name, a mention of his partner, his children, his neighborhood, and some of his associates that he's been close to (along with intimations that this is a stain on their honor)? Am I missing something here, or is this incredibly irresponsible?
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