Brian (annodomini) wrote,


I'm trying out Dreamwidth, which is a new site based on a fork of the LJ codebase, and has a stronger commitment to diversity and being open and honest with its users about its policies than the current LiveJournal management. They are alos trying to do better about implementing user-requested features, rather than more features for advertisers, the most significant of which is that they separate your reading list from your access list (instead of having just one "friends list" that both subscribes you to read someone's journal and gives them access to your friends-only posts). Now, Dreamwidth is a new site, and will likely be going through some growing pains, so I'm not going to abandon LiveJournal any time soon, but I think Dreamwidth is worth checking out.

You currently need to either get an invite from an existing user, or buy a paid account, to get an account on Dreamwidth, and I do not currently have any invite codes, but once I do I'd be happy to provide them to any of my friends.
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