Brian (annodomini) wrote,

Topology & Modern Art

I just spent the last few hours finishing sewing up the hood that I started before last Pennsic. I have some nice green wool, and a linen lining, and I got everything cut out, the wool and linen sewn into hood shapes, and then I put them together right side to right side, sewed the faces together, and sewed the bottoms together. I even thoughtfully left the liripipe off the lining, so I'd have a gap that I could pull it through to turn it right side out. I did not, however, think my cunning plan quite all the way through. Since, if I sew it all together right side to right side and evert it, the lining attaches at the face, and then comes around on the outside to attach around the bottom. Basically, it looks like two hoods, joined together at the face and at the bottom; it could almost be a piece of modern art, if you hung it up and wrote a bunch of meaningless stuff about how it represented the id and the superego devouring each other.

Anyhow, it's late, so it looks like I'll be spending some quality time tomorrow with the seam ripper, and actually thinking in a bit more depth about the topology and how to get those seams sewn so that it comes out right when I turn it the right way around.

Speaking of which, who all is going to Pennsic? Is there anyone I should be meeting up with while there? trilobites and I will be heading out this weekend, and staying through both peace week and war week, though we're not sure exactly if we'll be showing up on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
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