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I'm thinking about starting a series of posts of links to the best juggling videos I come across. There's a lot of amazing juggling, and fascinating new ways of using juggling as an art form, that most people don't know about. I figure that if I post the best videos that I see, with some commentary, then maybe it can help people appreciate the art of juggling, and get a sense of the range and variety of juggling.

First up is Viktor Kee in Cirque du Soleil's "Dralion." This is a beautiful act, that I've watched over and over again for inspiration. Viktor Kee blends acrobatics, dance, and a bit of contortion with juggling, in one of the most graceful juggling acts I've even seen. I really enjoy the sheer playfulness of the routine, the flawless choreography, and the groundbreaking use of his body. Michael Moschen (who you may know as David Bowie's hands in Labyrinth) pioneered a style of juggling known as contact juggling based mostly on rolling balls around his hands and arms, while Viktor Kee uses his torso, legs, feet and head, while integrating dance and acrobatics at the same time. Many of the individual tricks he does are standard tricks performed by many jugglers, but choreographed and executed flawlessly with his wonderful sense of movement.
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